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Frank James Cunningham Jaunay 1916–2001

A struggling start The story of Frank James Cunningham Jaunay

Frank James Cunningham Jaunay, born 1916 was the eldest child of Robert and Dorothy. He was a man whose early life was a struggle through no fault of his own.

Frank rarely parted with any details of his young life. One incident as a child stood out in his memory.

fjcjHis up-bringing was one of frequent moves and different schools which hampered his education. He was a skilled calligrapher and draftsman but before he secured a position that allowed him to demonstrate his talents, he worked at unskilled labouring jobs including shearers' rouse-about on many sheep stations in the far north-east of South Australia. His first decent job as a draftsman which included the architectural drawings of the Port Adelaide Civic Buildings was interrupted by war although he did not join up immediately on outbreak of war.

SERVICE RECORD Australian Army Service Number: SX25430 (previously S1135)
Date of Enlistment: 13 Oct 1942
Locality on Enlistment: Alberton SA
Place of Enlistment: Wayville SA
Date of Discharge: 12 Feb 1946
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Posting at Discharge: 73 Dental Unit
During his wartime service, Frank married Norma Johnson in 1943 and they had two sons, Graham (1944) and Malcolm (1945-1997).

Following his discharge, his father-in-law, Edgar Johnson gave him a position as storeman and packer for the Adelaide Drug Company but in 1948 Frank went into partnership with a wartime buddy, Frank Stapleton. They set up a workshop in Military Road Henley Beach and manufactured S&J Simplex Water Softeners which capitalised on the poor water quality endured by the people of Adelaide.


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