The Jaunay family

These are the stories of my own Jaunay ancestors.

Guillaume Jonay

The only fact known about this man and his wife is that they are recorded as the parents of the following person and his one known brother, Poncelet. There is no record of their marriage in Francheval. At this time the name is recorded as Jonay.
• Guillaume Jaunay married Catherine Robert
Jean Jaunay 1680-1740
This man and his wife are known by the information recorded on their marriage and death certificates. These events occurred at Francheval. Given we cannot locate a birth certificate for Jean or any records for his parents in Francheval, it seems likely that the family arrived in the parish from an unknown place prior to 1706. Jean is recorded as a domestic servant on his death certificate. He, and his son, Jean Baptiste, are the first in the family recording their surname as Jaunay but this is only evident from 1713.
• Jean Jaunay married Nicole Rambourg
Jean Baptiste Jaunay 1721-1780

While it is known that Jean Baptiste Jaunay was a retainer for the Prince de Condé surprisingly little else was known about this man for many years. Much of the difficulty in the research seems to stem from the tyranny of distance. Trying to research ancien régime France from Australia with a poor grasp of French makes the task quite difficult!
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Jean Baptiste Jaunay married Marie Louis Brunet nee Viard
François Marie Jaunay 1776-1838

The Jaunay family had been associated for a long time with the Princes of Condé for whom they had provided several stewards. Despite François youth, he was only 16 at the start of the French Revolution, he may have been associated with the army established by Prince de Condé in his attempts to restore the French monarchy. It is recorded that the Prince put considerable pressure on his household staff and their families to 'offer' their services to his army of liberation.
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François Marie Jaunay married Ann Howell
Louis Brunet Jaunay (pictured 1868) 1816-1887

Louis Brunet, the youngest child of François and Anne Jaunay established a successful business in his own right under the guidance of his sisters' husbands, Josef Krug and Adolphe Jacquesson, that returned an excellent income which enabled the family to live very comfortably indeed!
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Louis Brunet Jaunay married Anne Hay nee Gilmour
Frank Cunningham Jaunay (pictured 1889) 1851-1912

Following his marriage, Frank effectively took control of L Jaunay & Co. It soon became evident that the tide had turned and times were not going to be as generous as they had been. Frank decided to migrate to Australia. The threat of the phylloxera blight may have also helped in this decision!
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Frank Cunningham Jaunay married Mary Ellen Cawley
Robert John Cunningham Jaunay (pictured 1915) 1890-1965

A lack of a formal conclusion to his education impacted on Robert for the rest of his life. During his married life, Robert went from one menial job to another and maintained a reasonable lifestyle with his inheritance until the Great Depression saw this completely depleted.
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Robert John Cunningham Jaunay married Dorothy Evelyn May Beasley
Frank James Cunningham Jaunay (pictured 1995) 1916-2001

His up-bringing was one of frequent moves that hampered his education. He started working life at unskilled labouring jobs including shearers' rouse-about on many sheep stations in the far north-east of South Australia. His first decent job as a draftsman was interrupted by war.
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Frank James Cunningham Jaunay married: 1. Norma Gwendoline Johnson 2. Yvonne Lydia Tunbridge nee Menz 3. Margaret Stirling Clarkson formerly Mitchell nee Wotton

And then there is me...
Graham Robert Jaunay (pictured 2013) 1944-

During a career with the SA Education Department Graham and his family moved frequently to new postings in South Australia - Port Pirie, Gawler, Wirulla, Oodnadata, Ranco and Adelaide. At the age of 50 he took on a career as a genealogist until retirement at the age of 75.

• Graham Robert Jaunay married Elizabeth Ann Knox

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