The Rate Book examination of New Street Ward section of Leicester Square reveals that François Marie Jaunay's half brother, Louis Brunet was occupying 25 Leicester Square in London in 1800 and paying an annual rent of £157. He occupied the premises from Lady Day (25 March). In 1806 Louis has expanded into neighbouring 24 which had an annual rental of £60. In the same year Mandry and Jaunay had taken on 30 Leicester Square with a rental of £120 per annum but when the 1808 pages are examined François Jaunay is no longer listed with Mandry and Louis Brunet has expanded again into 26 paying £50 per year. François takes over these three properties in 1815 with the records showing Louis' name crossed out and replaced by Francis Jaunny [sic].

The illustration in the header shows Jaunay's Hotel with a coach out front.

Below: Leicester Square in 1830 (left) and Leicester Square in 1862 (right) showing the Alhambra which replaced Jaunay's Hotel.
leicester square 1830leicester square 1862

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