Champagne and the Jaunay family

The Jaunay family and their descendants have been key players in the champagne industry since 1800.

Brunet's and subsequently Jaunay's Hotel
François Marie Jaunay and his half brother, Louis Brunet were key clients during their ownership of the Soho hotel and associated restaurant.

Jacquesson et Filslabel
Adolphe Jacquesson based himself at Jaunay's Hotel when acting on behalf of his family's business because they had experienced a long period of difficulties with foreign agents who were failing to adequately represent the company in its overseas dealings. The business was based in Châlons-sur-Marne and Adolphe was the third generation of the family to operate the business.

The reputation of the products of the firm were enhanced in France by the patronage they received from Napoleon after he visited the establishment in 1810 and Adolphe wanted to extend that popularity to Britain.

bottle Adolphe was quickly charmed by Louisa Jaunay, the younger daughter of François Marie Jaunay and after a short engagement they were married by licence at St Martin in the Fields, London on 10 Feb 1830. By this marriage the Jaunay's were to become even more closely linked to the manufacture of champagne.

Krug et Cielabel
Joseph Krug worked for Jacquessons and met Louisa's older sister when she came to Châlons-sur-Marne on visits. Eventually they married. Shortly after, Joseph Krug had a disagreement with Adolphe and relocated to Reims where he established his own business which not only survives to this day, but makes what many consumers would say was the best champagne of all!

LB Jaunaylabel
Emma and Louisa's brother, Louis Brunet Jaunay settled in Châlons-sur-Marne with the Jacquessons and learnt the trade too and eventually based himself in Reims. Louis was some thing of an inventor and his most notable contribution to the industry was probably his corking machine. Unfortunately Louis did not allow his sons access to the management of the business early enough and their lack of experience coupled with phylloxera meant it was expedient to sell the label to Krug. The label is now held by Piper-Heidsieck—now majority owner of Krug. They recently released a new champagne, L Jaunay on the UK market.

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