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François Marie Jaunay 1776–1838

An English interlude The story of François Marie Jaunay 2
François Marie Jaunay was born on 10 September 1776 at Chantilly in France and baptised by the hospital chaplain the next day. His father, Jean Baptiste Jaunay, was an officer in the retinue of the Prince of Condé and he was in the terms of the day, lawfully married to Marie Louise Viard.

The Jaunay family had been associated for a long time with the Princes of Condé for whom they had provided several stewards. Despite François youth, he was only 16 at the start of the French Revolution, he may have been associated with the army established by Prince de Condé in his attempts to restore the French monarchy. It is recorded that the Prince put considerable pressure on his household staff and their families to 'offer' their services to his army of liberation. This too may be difficult to establish as records of ordinary soldiers were not kept. It is thought that François emigrated to London when the Condé led campaign to restore the monarchy came to an end. London was an appropriate place of refuge as his half-brother had already made plans to move there too.

to_tree To date François is the only known child of Jean Baptiste Jaunay although a man called Joseph Jaunay may be his brother. François is mentioned in London PRO records as expected to arrive at Dover after 3 Dec 1801. He married Ann [nee Howell], the daughter of John and Ann [nee Tuniclift] in St Georges Church Hanover Square, London on 12 February 1809. Ann Howell was baptised at the parish church, Albrighton, Shropshire on 14 March 1781. Ann Howell was an accomplished woman known for her piety. She was well read and had a reputation for shrewdness. She eventually became the manager of Jaunay's Hotel. [pictured]


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