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The Jaunay Album—Bridport DOR

New Meeting Place in Barrack street Bridport DOR
The chapel used by the Cawleys of Bridport.rax lanebarrack street

Picture left: This is the Hall looking southwards down towards West Street.
Picture right: This is the Hall looking eastwards along Rax lane towards Barrack street.

There was a register prior to 1751; about which time, some of the then congregation, discovering in the Minister some swerving from the sentiments up to that time had been espoused; separated, and converted a Barn into a place of worship; leaving the Old Meeting house and choosing for themselves a minister. On the site that the barn stood; a place of worship was built in 1777, enlarged in 1789 and again in 1816 and is now the Independent Meeting-house and known by that name. The earlier Register is now believed to be in the custody of the current Minister of the former place [now Unitarian].

From... "A Register of Deaths in the congregation that attend at the New-meeting House in Bridport, Dorset which bears the date from the time of J Rooker's first coming thither as their Minister on May 9th 1750."

Date Event Name Father Mother Age Cause
24 Feb 1766
burial/death Sarah EDWARDS William Mary
14 Jun 1766
burial/death G EDWARDS [male] William Hannah
25 Mar 1773
burial/death Fanny WOOD Thos Anne EWENS
04 Apr 1773
burial/death Samuel PURFIELD Elias Elizth
of the measles
25 Apr 1773
burial/death Anne WARD    
the smallpox
30 Apr 1773
burial/death Mary PRUSSELL John Betty 6 the smallpox
16 Sep 1773
burial/death Joseph TAYLOR Thos Elizabeth
ye smallpox
05 Jul 1801
baptism Edward CAWLEY James Elizabeth    
16 Jul 1803
baptism James CAWLEY James Elizabeth    
30 Jun 180
baptism George CAWLEY James Elizabeth    
11 Mar 180
baptism Elizabeth CAWLEY James Elizabeth    
17 Apr 181
baptism William CAWLEY James Elizabeth    
04 Apr 181
baptism Susan CAWLEY James Elizabeth    
15 Jul 1815
baptism William CAWLEY James Elizabeth    
23 Nov 1817
baptism Joseph CAWLEY James Elizabeth    

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