Jaunay / Knox study presented by Graham Jaunay

I hope that this site will assist:

• to re-establish lost links between members of the family,
• to encourage pride in our name and its history, and,
• to research our family tree and share this knowledge with one another.
The name Jaunay originates from France. François Marie Jaunay fled the Revolution and established Jaunay's Hotel in Leicester Square London on the site of the Odeon Theatre just around the corner from St Martins In the Field [pictured].
St Martin
The Jaunays had long been associated with the nobility. François father, Jean Baptiste Jaunay was a member of the Prince de Condé household and an earlier ancestor had been the king's secretary in 1700. François had three children. Emma married Paul Krug the founder of Krug Champagne, the world's best champagne. Louisa married Adolphe Jacquesson also a champagne maker. Louis Brunet Jaunay was also a champagne maker and his son, my great grandfather, Frank, came to Australia in 1894 to help the local industry make sparkling wines.

This is my own Jaunay line:
• Guillaume Jonay (my 6x great grandfather) married a Robert.
• Jean Jaunay (my 5x great grandfather) married a Rambourg.
• Jean Baptiste Jaunay (my 4x great grandfather) married a Viard.
• François Marie Jaunay (my 3x great grandfather) married a Howell.
• Louise Brunet Jaunay (my great great grandfather) married a Gilmour.
• Frank Cunningham Jaunay (my great grandfather) married a Cawley.
• Robert John Cunningham Jaunay (my grandfather) married a Beasley
• Frank James Cunningham Jaunay (my father) married a Johnson.
• Graham Robert Jaunay (me) married a Knox.
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To date data on some 49 Jaunay families that I could not link to my family have been identified in a One-name Study. A futher 170 individuals have also been located giving a total number of individuals indentified as 522. My own family can be accessed from the menu at the head of this page. In February 2017 one of the 49 families was identified by a collaboration between myself and a 4th cousin in France as being the family of a half brother of François Marie Jaunay.

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